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Work Less Earn More

My key to success is turning complex ideas into simple, easy to follow processes, which my audience can immediately implement in a systematic way. Achieving personal excellence and helping people realize their fullest potential is the fuel for my limitless energy. Always warm, friendly, caring, and approachable, I am the Coach and Mentor for many to achieve their Ultimate Dream Life.

Sign Up to the WLEM Self-Mastery Program and build the foundations of your Dream Life!
You'll get the knowledge. You'll get the skills. And most importantly, you'll get it broken down into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint that will allow you to earn more income, increase happiness, improve health and anything else your heart truly desire.

What you'll get:

  • 30% Partner Commission on every Sale
  • Training & promotional material provided
  • Current & Future Programmes
  • WLEM Self Mastery Programme (Value $1,164)
  • GoGLobal Conscious Leadership Program (CLP) (Value $1,287)
  • Gold Member of Online Self-Mastery Programme (Value $1,164)
  • Deep Dive One-day Masterclass (Value $3,988)
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Consultation with a Specialist (Value $11,997)
  • Private FB VIP Group (Value $1,164)
  • Life Mastery Alignment (Value $4,800)
  • 12-months Monthly Group Coaching (Value $8,364)
  • 10-Week Ultimate Dream Life Programme (Value $13,267)
  • In the proven 10 week Ultimate Dream Life Coaching Programme, You will learn how to:

  • Zoom in on what matters most in your Life
  • Set intentions on achieving your Life Goals
  • Develop an unshakeable Belief in yourself
  • Build your Dream Team
  • Live your Dream Life with Balance & Integrity
  • Live with Purpose daily
  • Overcome Doubts
  • Set Daily Habits to Achieve Your Dream Life
  • Attend YP's 2-day bootcamp and learn the 7 Proven Masteries to Achieve your Ultimate Dream Life!

    Get in Touch

    "Applying what I learned at the Work Less Earn More Workshop, I now have more time with my children. Thank you YP for teaching me the 168 planner. I have become more effective and productive in running my business, and able to focus on things that are most important to my business and my life. Really enjoy making more money while working less hours!"
    Ruby Ngoc
    Owner, ATL Logistics
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    "Thank you Master YP. Your workshop has exceeded our expectations. You have shown us how to live and work as a couple to achieve our personal and business goals. With your guidance, we will achieve our Dream Life in the shortest time and pursue our passion of serving our community and positively changing lives. We will certainly share the wonderful experience with our friends and colleagues."
    Ruel & Nimpha Villaluna
    Owner, Blessing Photography
    Franchise Owner, BNI Dasmarinas
    Cavite, Philippines
    "YP, you are amazing! Thank you for running the 7 Secrets workshop for our team. They are now so inspired to effectively use their time, to have better control of their finances, to start investing for their future, to be at peak health and fitness, and build strong relationships with people who matters most in their lives. In two days, you have successfully transformed everyone to become better versions of themselves. My team has renewed energy and it’s electrifying!"
    Pat Stride
    Executive Director
    BNI Alberta North
    Alberta, Canada


    $12,000 4 hours
    $20,000 2 days
    $418,000 1 year
  • 8 Hours Per Month Remotely
  • Access to ALL VIP Events
  • 2 (30 minutes) Emergency Calls Per Month