16 Collyer Quay,
Income@Raffles Level 12 & 13,
Singapore 049318.
16 Collyer Quay,
Income@Raffles Level 12 & 13,
Singapore 049318.
GoGLOBAL Business School Subsidiary of Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Limited,
Room # AMC VIII/348,Palmlands Building,
Temple Rd, Federal Bank Jn,
Aluva, Ernakulam, India 683101.



The GoGLOBAL Team is very supportive & committed to the betterment of humanity, and the empowerment of people. It has been fulfilling experiences, adding value to Businesses through GoGLOBAL events done online & offline with me.
Dame (Hon.)PhD. Doria (DC) Cordova
CEO of Excellerated Business School®, USA (since 1979)
I got to experience alignment and clarity in bringing all my projects into ONE business vision I also got access to new business models and new markets for my programs.
YP Lai
Malaysia/ Australia BNI Global Master Trainer National Director Thailand & Philippines Serial Entrepreneur Founder, Work Less Earn More System https://www.wlemsystem.com/ Healthy Minds Solutions, Philippines
My timely decision to join GoGLOBAL has proving to be a prudent business decision when many accounting professionals are chasing for business. When I was working on the Financial Road Map (FRM) with Go Founders , I completely changed my perception about my business and started thinking big in terms of the number of people impacted . Being a Business Acceleration Partner of Professional Services Eco system, soon after incorporating a company July 22,my first month income generation from GoGLOBAL EcoSystem is Rs 67500 and increasing month on month with growing number of business acceleration companies in GoGLOBAL. I share my heartfelt gratitude to GoGLOBAL Mentors for spreading knowledge and prosperity through Business Acceleration which is the foundation for multisource of income and wealth.
Selvaraj Kavery
K.Selvaraj B.Com, ACMA, ACS,LLB. Cost and Management Accountant in Practice India
The sessions were insightful and the network with overseas business owners and accelerator partners made the experience truly unique. New perspectives and challenged to think bigger and the possibilities of global business. Ever since attending the programme, I've manifested breakthroughs in my business and personal life. GoGlobal has enriched my existing network and opened a network of strategic partners regionally, connections to India and Malaysia to explore projects and collaborations there
I highly encourage fellow business owners to consider GoGLOBAL to accelerate going global.

Nicholas Choy
Investor and Founder, Rolling Pineapple Medical Services & Healthcare Training Singapore
SHINE Team is very highly intellectual. They are very commited to do things with immediate effect and are highly service orientated. They always consider about others over themself

Mrs Rave Kavery
Business Leader Way2Success Sdn Bhd, Malaysia A Successful Training Center for Tamil and Malaysian-Asian Professionals and Business Leaders
My journey with GGBS has been incredible, I gained lots of insight into learning about the capital mechanism and the importance of being a conscious leader. Global connect opportunity and ecosystem project has been in the pipeline. Each meeting with the founders have been always a great opportunity to learn and has lots of takeaways for me. Problem-solving approach and critical decision making is key
G K G Guru
Founder Xcodefix Global Pte Ltd SEO Marketing India
We experienced exposure to global markets and companies through GoGLOBAL Business School's various programs and events globally. Having such experiences has broadened our horizons of how businesses can run with newer models. There has been a vast change in the way we think about our business and this is due to the education. Past limitations have now evolved to potential growth!
Nazreen Sharief
2nd Generationn Business Three Jays Lifestyle Retail Chain Singapore
WHAT WILLY LIM SAYS ON HIS TRIP TO INDIA WITH SHINE GOGLOBAL (SGG) - GOGLOBAL Business School™ FOUNDERS? I was looking to bring foreign investments into the Indian capital markets. Through the network of SGG, I was able to meet with the right connection, get access to the capital market of India, Bombay Stock Exchange BSE-SME platform. This connection has fast tracked our entry into the India in the most effective and reliable way.
Mr Willy Lim
Listed his Mobile App Business and now working with OTC and Canadian Stock Exchange for funding for SMEs in Asia Entrepreneur, Business Leader Venture Capitalist in Singapore
Global Mentors has been instrumental in our foundation of Chennai Trainers Forum in 2016, learning value to grow in international standards. Money & You Program, brought to India by SHINE, has been a path breaker for me to approach the Real World of Business around me, both Money matters and about myself wider and broader spectrum opened for me, and the blocking barricades got cleared
Mr Shivaz Sivakumaran J
CEO Strategist Strategist NxtGen - Chennai, India A Well known Business Training Center with a pool of trainers Money & You Graduate
GoGlobal Business School team is genuinely committed to my business growth. I received a lot of backend support especially in the technical part to put my courses online. I got to create new online income generating plans and also support to create more visibility through the community and global platforms
Founder, Birth Discovery Certified Hynobirthing, Birth Dula Singapore

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