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Best Surgical Drapes Manufacturer & Supplier in India

MEDIYOGS is unique in that it brings everything together elements of the non-woven surgical drapes and packs supply chain under one place in Coimbatore. We almost supply our products in and around Tamilnadu. MEDIYOGS affiliated companies provide a wide range of manufactured, disposable, non-woven medical wear and finished products for non-woven medical surgery kits.
In just two years, we have established ourselves as a leading service supplier for non-woven surgical kits. Our medical textile wear is created with high-quality materials and supplied at reasonable costs. We offer a wide choice of medical disposables, surgical supplies, and other healthcare supplies such as non-woven disposable drapes and surgical kits for various departments to meet your medical needs. We guarantee high-performance products all year long due to our manufacturing facilities' pulling technological expertise.
MEDIYOGS non-woven Medical Disposal focuses on recognizing customer needs and anticipating the future portfolio of popular Non-Woven surgery kits for sophisticated and discerning consumers worldwide.

To effectively serve our clients, providing global leadership in establishing an environment conducive to the efficient and profitable expansion of the non-woven surgical drapes, manufactured surgery kits, and related sectors.

To be known in the entire non-woven, engineered surgery kits, and related sectors as the organizations that regularly provide consumers and industry participants with high-quality non-woven disposal sheets product, services, and experiences.

With our advanced technology, quality products, and client trust, the company expects to be the leading supplier of Medical Disposal export. We are committed to providing high-quality products at a reasonable price, with customer satisfaction and quality control at the top of the organization's priority list.

MEDIYOGS is known for its professionalism and commitment to the advancement and growth of our clients and for providing exceptional service and high-quality products to all of our clients. We are founded on a firm foundation of some of the following ideals as an organization is an Accountability, Social Contribution, Trust Building, and Team Work.

Mediyogs Disposable Surgical Products

Basic Safety Products

Pre Operative Pack

Patient Gown Set

Bed Sheet & Pillow Cover

PPE Kits & Cover All Gowns

Surgeon Cap & Shoe Cover

Surgical Masks (Meltblown)

Lab Coat

Visitor Coat

Urology Surgery Kits

Urology Drape Kit

PCNL Drape Kit

URSL Drape Kit

TURP Drape Kit

Cystoscopy Drape Kit

TURP Drape Plain


Neurology Surgery Kits

Neuro Drape Kit

Craniotomy Drape Kit

Gynecology Kits

Cesarean Kit


Normal Delivery Kit

IVF Drape Kit

Embryo Transfer Drape Kit

Hysteroscopy Kit

D & C Drape Kit

Hemorrhoids Pack

Orthopedic Surgery Kits

TKR Pack

THR Pack

Knee Arthroscopy Kit

Knee Arthroscopy Kit

Shoulder Arthroscopy Kit

Bilateral Limb Drape Kit

Extremity Drape Kit

Cardiology Surgery Kits

Cath Lab Kit

CABG Drape Kit

Care & Preparation Kits

Dialysis On And Off Kit

Dressing Kit Single

Dressing Kit Double

Hiv Pack/Hbsag Pack/Universal Safety Kit

Surgeon Gowns Regular & Reinforced

Isolation Gowns

ENT Surgery Kits

ENT Drape Kit

ENT Premium Surgery Drape Kit

Anesthesia Kits

Spinal Anesthesia Kit

Catheterization Kit

Ophthalmology Surgery Kits

Ophthalmic Eye Drape

Ophthalmic Disposable Drape Kit

Non Woven Cataract Drapes Pack

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“MEDIYOGS Medical Disposables produces a high-quality range of products. It's advantageous for my hospital to be able to acquire everything in one place and at such a minimal price.”
KMCH, Coimbatore
“In terms of quality and comfort, the orthopedic Disposal kits provided by MEDIYOGS Medical are highly rated. This is why I keep coming back to them.”
Sudha Hospital, Coimbatore
“I had heard people talk about MEDIYOGS from my healthcare colleagues, so I wanted to test out a few of their surgical Disposal items. Obviously, I was really happy with the results.”
Tirupur Kidney Centre, Tiruppur
“No longer have to inspect every piece for quality inspection since I started purchasing my general medical supplies from MEDIYOGS Medical because I know they always offer the best products”
Sam's Dental, Coimbatore

Frequently Asked Question

Mediyogs specializes in delivering drapes and surgery kits to departments such as Patient Care, General, Gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesia, Preparation Kits, Neurology, and scope products.
Plain Patient Gown - Nonwoven Disposable Surgery Pack and gloves are the usual requirements for hospitals and clinics.
It's not an issue if you're a small wholesaler; we'd like to grow alongside you.
The drapes are made of high-quality non-woven materials, and the non-woven disposable surgery pack feels like cotton.